NATURAL YOUTH / PRIRODNA MLADOST: Prirodne metode pomlađivanja

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This generation of models, movie stars and other women from every walk of life may be the first in decades to bypass the knife when it comes to their quest for eternal youth. Non-invasive, natural cosmetic procedures are gaining popularity among wealthy mavens and industry insiders for whom the face is their stock and trade. In our quest to find out what was being done and who was doing it, plasma, oxygen and nutrition seemed to be the buzz words. This holy trinity of health and wellness are the archangels in the battle against aging. AS IF spoke with the foremost experts in this emerging field of in-office treatments and consumer products in which the organic and high-tech meld to produce amazing new results in search for skin renewal. These are the doctors and treatments that are making the impossible possible.

TEENLIFTING – Dr. Sanja Gošović

We all know our bodies need a workout, and we wouldn’t expect to get specific results without doing specific exercises. Then why should we think differently about our faces? Dr. Gosovic and her electric stimulation treatments use patented electrodes for the face and body, called TEENLIFTING. This method restores a youthful appearance to the face and body, and her clients swear by it, saying, “the results of a one-hour session are like going to the gym for a full eight hours every day for a week while getting nine hours of stress-free sleep a night!” Dr. Gosovic has an interesting pedigree as a physiotherapist, acupuncturist, cosmetologist, and inventor. TEENLIFTING for the face boasts a series of electrodes specifically shaped to fit the striated muscles around the eyes, circular muscles around the mouth and the long striated muscles in the throat, cheeks, forehead and scalp. During the procedure, a technician places a series of felt-wrapped and moistened electrodes around specific areas of the face that release alternating currents deep into the muscles, causing the muscles to contract and lift back onto the bone, where they were during our teens. What makes Teenlifting specialized and unlike any other cosmetic electric stimulation is that Dr. Gosovic has spent over 20 years developing electrodes that specifically target the circular muscles and muscle fibers around the mouth and especially the eyes. “Electric currents are one directional, making it very hard to stimulate the circular muscles of the eyes, and the entire muscle must be exercised in order to achieve results,” says Dr. Gosovic. Teenlifting’s electrodes do just that. Each Teenlifting session exercises different muscles in different pulsations and rhythms—much like a fitness trainer activates muscles using different activities and weights for each training session to achieve the best results. The results of Teenlifting include a noticeably lifted face, and cheeks become naturally fuller as collagen and blood flow are stimulated and muscles fill out and are strengthened. After just a few sessions, you start to recognize yourself as the way you looked when you were younger.
The only potential clients who would not benefit from Teenlifting are those who use Botox, because it contradicts the benefits of strengthening muscles. Unlike lasers that treat the skin. TeenLifting treats the muscles directly under the skin; however, with the release of oxygen and increase of circulation, the skin becomes much more glowing and radiant after just one session. Body TeenLifting works in the same way, and because of its deep penetration into the muscles, it provides a lift to the stomach, thighs and buttocks that’s visible after only one session. The higher volume of circulation aids in the elimination of water retention for more efficient weight loss and helps cellulite fade away, and because it stimulates drainage, it helps detoxify the body and increases oxygenation of the tissues. Beyond its slimming and anti-aging benefits, Teenlifting was used for the treatment of ALS, osteoporosis, bladder incontinence, migraines, Palsy and Bell’s Palsy, among others. A Teenlifting body treatment can last 45 to 60 minutes, a facial treatment 30 to 45 minutes. It’s recommended that clients receive a treatment every three months. However, since Dr. Gosovic practices in Croatia, she gives her many foreign patients a series of 5 to 8 treatments within a week and recommends coming
at least twice a year. Rumor has it that she may be setting up a practice in New York, so stand by! (

TEENLIFTING – Dr. Sanja Gošović

Svi znamo kako naša tijela trebaju tjelovježbu i ne očekujemo određene rezultate bez određenih vježbi. Zašto onda razmišljamo drukčije o našim licima? Dr. Gošović za njezine tretmane elektrostimulacije mišića lica i tijela koristi patentirane elektrode, a tretman se zove TEENLIFTING. Njezina metoda vraća mladenački oblik licu i tijelu, a njezini klijenti kažu: „Nakon jednosatnog tretmana rezultati su kao odlazak u teretanu punih osam sati svaki dan cijeli tjedan i devetosatni san bez stresa!“

Dr. Gošović ima zanimljiv životopis: fizioterapeutkinja je, akupunkturologinja, kozmetičarka i inovatorica. Za TEENLIFTING lica koristi seriju elektroda posebno oblikovanih za mišiće očiju, kružni mišić usta i poprečno-prugaste mišiće vrata, obraza, čela i skalpa. Za vrijeme tretmana prislonjene i mokre elektrode stavljaju se na posebne dijelove lica stimulirajući izmjeničnom strujom mišiće, uzrokujući njihove kontrakcije i oblikovanje lica kao u vrijeme tinejdžerskih dana.

Ono što čini TEENLIFTING posebnim i drugačijim od svih ostalih kozmetičkih elektrostimulacija je to što je dr. Gošović 20 godina razvijala elektrode namijenjene posebno za kružne mišiće usta i očiju. „Istosmjernom strujom je vrlo teško stimulirati kružne mišiće oka jer je potrebno stimulirati cijeli mišić kako bi se postigao rezultat.“ , kaže dr. Gošović. TEENLIFTING elektrode rade upravo to. Svaki TEENLIFTING tretman trenira druge mišiće različitim ciklusima i ritmovima – baš kao što fitness trener trenira mišiće koristeći drukčije vježbe i težine za svaki trening kako bi se postigao najbolji rezultat. Rezultati TEENLIFTING-a su vidno podignuto lice, obrazi postaju prirodno puniji, pojačava se cirkulacija i mišići postaju oblikovani i jači. Nakon samo par tretmana prepoznajete sebe u mlađim danima.

Jedini potencijalni klijenti koji ne mogu imati rezultat TEENLIFTING tretmana su oni koji koriste botoks jer je to upravo suprotno prednostima jačanja mišića. Suprotno laserima koji tretiraju kožu, TEENLIFTING tretira mišiće direktno ispod kože, pa ipak pojačanom oksigenizacijom poboljšava se cirkulacija te koža dobiva sjaj i zrači nakon samo jednog tretmana.  TEENLIFTING tijela radi po istom principu te zbog dubokog prodiranja u mišiće omogućava podizanje trbuha, bedara i stražnjice s vidljivim rezultatima nakon jednog tretmana.

Pojačanje cirkulacije omogućava eliminaciju vode koja se zadržava u tijelu te pospješuje gubitak težine i nestanak celulita. Također, drenaža omogućava detoksikaciju tijela i povećava oksigenizaciju tkiva. Osim prednosti mršavljenja i pomlađivanja, TEENLIFTING metoda se koristi i za tretiranje ALS-a, osteoporoze, inkontinencije mjehura, migrena, cerebralne paralize i Belove pareze. TEENLIFTING tretman tijela traje između 45 i 60 minuta, a tretman lica traje 30 do 45 minuta. Preporuča se tretman svaka tri mjeseca. Iako dr. Sanja Gošović ima TEENLIFTING Centar u Hrvatskoj, omogućava stranim klijentima odraditi seriju od 5 do 8 tretmana unutar jednog tjedna te preporuča dolazak minimalno dva puta godišnje. Priča se kako će možda otvoriti TEENLIFTING Centar u New Yorku, zato budite spremni!

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