M.D. Sanja Malbaša Gošović, general practitioner, specialist. acupunturologist and cosmetologist, in 1990, has developed a method under the registered brand TEENLIFTING®, which continues to develop. On the world market this unique natural method of stimulation of the muscles of the body and face at the same time, or the stimulation of large muscle groups, for which are used in particular the newly formed electrodes with standard electrodes put in non-standard method to achieve better and more efficient results. TEENLIFTING® system is protected in Croatia, European Union, China, the United States and other countries.

Today, with the doctor, in TEENLIFTING Center in Zagreb works professional team of physiotherapists, offering superior quality of service. With constant innovation and improvement of results and quality of service we want to make all our customers satisfied. The success and excellent results TEENLIFTING’s show our loyal and long-standing clients. In order to expand TEENLIFTING system and simultaneous retention of service quality and better business in 2016 we opened the company for TEENLIFTING franchise. For this we were encouraged by track of the record of the franchise. TEENLIFTING centers are present in Belgrade, Ljubljana, Split and Zagreb. Our goal is to expand in the TEENLIFTING system in countries around the world.

TEENLIFTING® stimulation is electrical stimulation of muscles of the face and neck, body and pelvis, training – strengthening of the muscles, stimulation of acupuntures points, rehabilitation, drainage and enhanced blood circulation stimulated tissue, regeneration, shaping, lifting and deep state of relaxation.


By TEENLIFTING® device for the electro stimulation, rehabilitation and muscle stimulation of acupuncture points are achieved extremely good results in:

  • Cosmetics (rejuvenation) of the face and body
  • Prevention (keeping) a good muscle condition of the face and body of athletes, the elderly and other
  • Rehabilitation (treatment of migraine, headache, sinusitis, neuralgia, Bell’s palsy (n. Facial), myalgia, treating damaged peripheral circulation, convulsions, cerebral palsy, muscular atrophy, degenerative arthritis of the knees and hips, pain in the lumbar and cervical spine, incontinence, impotence et al.)

Mission and Vision

Mission: TEENLIFTING the world methods with local signature. With constant innovations and improvement of the methods we want to be the first choice of our customers in order to maintain a youthful face and tone of all the muscles of the body, in the cosmetic and rehabilitative purposes, in a healthy way.

Vision: TEENLIFTING is a story about muscles and our aim is to facilitate and raise awareness of every woman and man around the world that in a natural and healthy way, with TEENLIFTING method, preserve their unique appearance, beauty and health.

TEENLIFTING® franchise can be purchased in Croatia and abroad. Currently there are four TEENLIFTING centres located in Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana and Belgrade.

Our ambassadors

The success of the method is best illustrated by the number of long-standing clients including the famous Croatian and foreign personalities: Josipa Lisac, Rade Serbedzija, Ana Karic, Tarik Filipovic, Massimo, Nina Violić, Linda Begonja, Almira Osmanovic, Zdenka Kovačićek, Ksenija Marinkovic, Vesna Tominac Matačić, Zarko Savic, Andrej Dojkić, Bruna Bebic, Tanja Deman, Zvezdana Mlakar, Tina Gorenjak, Maja Martina Merljak, Natasa Ninkovic, Dara Džokić, Peter Bianco, Jelena Radan, Barbara Rocco, Ursa Raukar, Zeljko Udovicic, Hrvojka Begovic, Azamat Nabiullin, Edina Plićanić, Armand Assante, and many others.
Also an elite American newspaper ‘AS IF’ ranked TEENLIFTING® method among the top six world natural non-invasive cosmetic methods!


NINA VIOLIĆ</br>Actress


I connect to the power and enjoy: Activate, not plastificate! Sanja is a fabulous Croatian invention that will save us all from the knife!

TARIK FILIPOVIĆ</br>Actor / Tv host

Actor / Tv host

I am delighted with electrostimulation method because it is a fitness of the face. Even us, actors, who need to have expressive facial expressions, have problems with wrinkles.



I look better than 10 years ago. When I look at old photos I notice that something is different, but that are not years!

ALMIRA OSMANOVIĆ</br>Prima ballerina

Prima ballerina

TEENLIFTING method by M.D. Sanja Gošović a natural win over the years. Beauty enriched with character!



Great form of facial muslces gives me the opportunity to play my roles as best as I can.